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Kehancuran AS

Like to Roman Empire history in fifth century, America will replay its history. The Roman Empire fell because it was bankrupted by its leaders. Well, look at the American leaders now, not only the leaders in governance, but the CEO in big companies. Like the Roman senator were selfish and self-absorbed, determined to hoard the huge wealth of the empire and determined to promote empire to enhance their wealth even further.

In business, American CEOs receive higher salary than European or Japanese CEOs. Even though American not more productive than European or Japanese. Like Jack Welch who received salary 70 times compare than his lower staff. In governance, not as well as in business, George Walker Bush, like the kings of Roman, conquering many of world. Consequently, cost of conquers, make the budget deficits, trade deficits, and a huge national debt that has tripled. Today, the sub-prime mortgage issues, bring American financial companies go to seriously loss along its history after the great depression.