Will America Fall in Last Century?

Posted: 8 April 2008 in Ekonomi Bisnis
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Like to Roman Empire history in fifth century, America will replay its history. The Roman Empire fell because it was bankrupted by its leaders. Well, look at the American leaders now, not only the leaders in governance, but the CEO in big companies. Like the Roman senator were selfish and self-absorbed, determined to hoard the huge wealth of the empire and determined to promote empire to enhance their wealth even further.

In business, American CEOs receive higher salary than European or Japanese CEOs. Even though American not more productive than European or Japanese. Like Jack Welch who received salary 70 times compare than his lower staff. In governance, not as well as in business, George Walker Bush, like the kings of Roman, conquering many of world. Consequently, cost of conquers, make the budget deficits, trade deficits, and a huge national debt that has tripled. Today, the sub-prime mortgage issues, bring American financial companies go to seriously loss along its history after the great depression.

The Fed solution was only simple effort. Decrease the interest rate in commercial banking, hopeful credit sector to wake-up overall economic system. Nowadays, American effect like not twenty years ago. China and India were changed American as motor of world economic. The big investor floated their capital to financial centre in the east, like Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Mumbai. China and India were changed American as motor of world economic since early century. Goldman Sachs, in its economic forecast, highlighted the trend towards mainland China becoming the largest and India the second largest economies by the year 2050.

Today, American stands on postindustrial sector. The service sector is contributing 67.8% of GDP. Only by creative people — in IT, financial sector, etc — American economic could be strength. Now, half of expert in service sector come from other countries, like India, China, Russia, and Middle East. If the creative people runway from America, the economic maybe collapse. Twenty years ago, maybe American could be delighted, 60% of global fund invested in America. But, nowadays the global investor are shifting their money to China, India, and Russia. Fact, many of American’s big companies take over to strange investor. Citicorp, the nation’s largest banking company was acquisition by Prince al-Waleed bin Talal, had agreed to invest $590 million, in a deal that will help Citicorp strengthen its finances. The investment will make Prince Waleed the largest single shareholder in Citicorp.

On economic snapshot, Will America Fall in Last Century?

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